Pray Until Grace Floods— Oneness Cards

The heart is a flower. Wisdom is sunshine. Grace drops like rain. To grow, you need not only your own strength, but also patience, prayer, and looking up to heaven.

When despair, when losing patience, when everything gets stuck, this loving and wise deck is here to accompany you.

  52 Insights with Love and Wisdom  
The 52 card texts have many subjects: relationships, love, awareness, integrity, gratitude, Divine and more. The texts are excerptions of Sri Amma Bhagavan’s talks. See Sri Amma Bhagavan, the founders of Oneness University, with clarity and love, pointing out the root cause of all our difficulties and challenges.
Readers can ask questions, and pull out a card for guidance, or follow the card number when reading to realize the Oneness messages in sequence.

  To Cultivate the Art of “Seeing”  
Oneness Cards do not predict future, as the future is not predictable. This work is designed for readers to cultivate the art of “seeing”, or the art of awareness. Once you have clarity of what is neglected internally after contemplating the message according to your problems, the external world or the way you see the external world automatically changes.

  Sri Bhagavan& Sri Amma—Founders of Oneness University  
“This place is to set humanity totally and unconditionally free.” 
With love and compassion, Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma found Oneness University and focus all the attentions on raising human consciousness. Sri Bhagavan’s messages are always profound and foresighted. Sri Amma is like a mother and always brings stillness and peace to listeners’ hearts. They put all the efforts together making human awakening into an irresistible tidal wave of consciousness.

(Though the card texts are from Oneness University, the university is not responsible for the production.)


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  1. Love these cards, very grateful for reconnecting us with ourselves with these beautiful messages.