Oneness Cards Message for January 2014

Oneness Cards do not predict the future, as future is not predictable. The message here simply shows the directions and gives suggestions when meditating and contemplating during challenging times in each month. 

In this month, all the growth you desire comes from the relationship with your family. Be it financial growth, career growth, or spiritual growth, all the growth you want in every area in life comes from your family. Your social relationships reflect your relationship with your family. It may be not that obvious; it could be very subtle. Not that all your bossy male companions, or supervisors reflect your father. Not that your girl friend reflect your mom all the time. Experience that reflection through your own uniqueness. Something might block you in your family, and that block hinders the growth you want. When contemplating, don’t try too hard. Every time before you contemplate or meditate, call upon your Divine to be with you and ask for clarity. Don’t try too hard, and don’t force things to happen.

If you have contemplated for many times and still feel no connection, pray. Trying to get there will not lead you to anywhere. Pray and be with the fact that you have no clue.

Every time you set right your family relationship, even just a little bit, not only you help yourself, you also help the people around you because your peace and stillness permeate through them naturally.

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