Oneness Cards Message for February 2014

Oneness Cards do not predict the future, as future is not predictable. The message here simply shows the directions and gives suggestions when meditating and contemplating during challenging times in each month. 

In this month, choose a "being" who is powerful than you or an incredible "symbol"-- it might be your ancestors, ascended master Kuan Yin, Jesus, mother Earth or the source, and get along with him/her/it, cultivate a one-to-one relationship. The symbol you choose has his own character, you cannot design him, but you can co-create the relationship between you and the other one. Both of you are 50% of this relationship. Tell the one you chose everything and allow him to listen to you and share your every moment. Try to feel the sweetness of this relationship. Take charge of your own feelings, let go of excess to the other and listen to the other's needs and desires. Keep trying until you two are both satisfied with this relationship. Cultivate this relationship like you make new friends or get into a romance.

Experiencing this divine relationship will bring incredible healing, and help you dissolve the problems in certain relationships.

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