Oneness Cards November 2016 ☀ Online Blessing Sharing Nov.12

Oneness Cards do not predict the future, as future is not predictable. The message here simply shows the directions and gives suggestions when meditating and contemplating during challenging times in each month. 

I was contemplating environment issues and the documentary "Before theFlood" happened to be released. Oneness Cards for November is also related to environment. There's a very strong call from environment collective consciousness, asking us not only apply environment  protection steps in external world, but also contemplate the family for the family is a miniature of this planet. This relationship is our roots on the Earth so that we are supplied with nutrient, grow well and have self-realization. However, is this root going deep into earth? Or, this root is already eroded by anger, shadow that you don't want to face anymore? Does this root supports you and support all the environment? This month let us see deeply and clearly and bless our roots--FAMILY.

The second card indicates that if there's any you are proceeding, try possible to prepare, and be aware of the thoughts to see if any part of them makes you hold on to it and over serious? Try to proceed that like your playing a game. Make it fun and enjoy!

Besides, keep in faith. Keep Divine in your heart. Divine is not only be with you, Divine is one with you. Ask yourself, "how Divine will do?" if any problem. 

November Oneness Blessing Intention: To Set Right Family.

Let's meditate on Nov.12. Pray for Divine's company, ask Divine to reveal the truth of your family and et Oneness Blessing. 

What is Oneness Blessing (Deeksha)?

"The Oneness Blessing is the Divine trying to get closer to man."
 Sri Bhagavan

Sri Bhagavan has said, ”Truth is a many-storied structure. If you were to look at it from the ground floor, it would look different than if you were to look at it from the 94th floor.” Deeksha is the stair set by the Divine, raising human consciousness step by step. In the process, Deeksha becomes the Divine’s hands in daily life taking away all the obstacles, and removing the illusions fogged on the human minds. To those who get Deeksha, every time when their consciousness is rising, they see things in a higher perspective so that they feel more connected with their internal selves, and feel more peaceful inside. They enjoy the world and simply pass away from this world.

How to get this Oneness Blessing?

1. Leave message as below under this post.
    a) Your name.
    b) I pray that all the family relationships on this world are healthy and balanced.

2. Take time to meditate. Close eyes and breath deeply. Call upon your angels or your Divine and tell them your intention and your worries, or anything you want to let them know. 

3. Remain an open state. This Oneness Blessing will be transmitted by me at 22:00 pm (UTC/GMT+8) on Nov. 12.

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