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Oneness Cards are more than a card deck or a book; it has its own life. Before reading or requesting guidance, be still and be aware of its silent company. Feel the resonance between the words and your inner space. View it as a friend, and it would talk to you.

"Your external world is a mere reflection of your inner world." 
– Sri Bhagavan

1. Request guidance 
Oneness Cards do not predict future, as the future is not predictable. All the external obstacles are originally from the internal. If encountering any challenge or difficulty, please be still and contemplate inside. Once you have clarity of what is neglected consciously and unconsciously, the external world or the way you see the external world automatically changes.

Question Example
Which part have I not seen clearly in this situation?
Regarding this relationship, is there any solution for me?
What part of me generates this financial problem?

2. Pick a Card
Click the button “Pick a Card” first and then click the card.

3. Any comment is welcome!
Please leave comments below and welcome to share with anyone who needs this guidance. May you get your perfect guidance from Oneness Cards. Namaste!

** Oneness Cards consist of teachings from Oneness University. Texts are taken from Sri Amma Bhagavan’s darshans and speeches. Very little editing has been done in order to present Sri Amma Bhagavan’s core concepts, only the main idea of each talk has been kept due to the card size. Though the card texts are from Oneness University, the university is not responsible for the production. This card deck is created to share the Oneness teachings, and to help people apply the teachings in their daily lives. 

** Oneness Cards are created with visible and invisible efforts. You are welcome to share this page with clear credit. Oneness University announced that their teachings could be used freely and it was also confirmed with the guide.

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